The Best Vs The Most Affordable Braces For Kids

Teeth misalignment has always been a thing for as long as we can all remember. Misalignment can occur to any age group. However, research has shown that children and teenagers are mostly affected by this teeth defect.

Like every other problem, there is always a solution. The most dominant fix for misalignment has always been the use of dental braces. A dental brace is an artificial apparatus which is used to correct and straighten the teeth. It also helps in teeth movement. Dental braces also improve the looks and health of your teeth for the long term. It carries out all these benefits by applying pressure on the teeth. This pressure shifts the jaw bone, which causes the root of the teeth to move and align appropriately.

As mentioned above, braces are used mostly by teenagers and children, most especially children. According to the Washington Post, approximately 4.5 million Americans make use of braces. The American Association of Orthodontists state that basically, 45% of children require dental braces for teeth misalignment. They likewise state that 75% of children require dental braces for teeth shape improvement. The American Association of Orthodontists also provided a parental guide for kid’s orthodontic treatment, so it’s advisable to check it out as well.

Needing braces is one thing; knowing the type of braces to use is a different matter. Though the orthodontist can have a better say on the dental braces that would suit the children’s needs, it’s also important to have such knowledge as well for various reasons. One of such reasons is to determine the braces which would be more budget-friendly and also effective. Below, we will be listing and explaining the best and most affordable braces, and their varying modes of implementation.

The Best Braces to Use

Traditional Metal Braces:

Traditional braces are one of the best dental brace choices for kids. They are known for correcting even the worst cases of teeth misalignment. The use of brackets and wires gives orthodontists that versatility and control needed to move and reposition the teeth, even in the most difficult situations. Besides children, a few adults also use the traditional metal braces to correct misaligned teeth in later stages. Traditional metal braces are also known to be very strong and resistant to breakage, and also very customizable to distract oneself and others from its obvious presence.

Ceramic Braces:

The major advantage ceramic braces have against traditional braces is its ability to blend with the teeth. Granted, it might not be as efficient as the traditional metal braces, but they are as strong and durable. Ceramic braces are also very comfortable to use, and due to its ability to blend with the teeth, it’s easily presentable to the public. It’s also a perfect option for children that are caught between the options of using aligners or traditional metal braces. Aligners, which will be discussed below, aren’t suitable for everyone. Metal braces, on the other hand, might be too exposed and obvious for some children. So, the best option for such children will be ceramic braces.

The Most Affordable Brace to Use


If you don’t have the funds for any of the braces listed above, going for an Invisalign is one of the most moderately priced options. Just because it’s not as expensive as others, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve its purpose. Invisalign works in a way that it gives the child an option to use customized retainers that are used to correct the teeth placement. These retainers are modified periodically to suit the changes the teeth will undergo as the months go by. The local dentist will carry out these modifications in the area. Unlike other dental braces, Invisalign requires very little check-ups by the orthodontist in charge of the retainer change, which reduces appointment fees. Another benefit of Invisalign is its invisibility, which makes it one of the clearest and less noticeable orthodontic treatments. Also, because of its temporal mode of application, which makes it removable, Invisalign is preferred by most children seeking ease during eating, brushing and dental flossing.

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